September 24, 2009 at 5:59 pm (Uncategorized)



  1. agarden7 said,

    I like the layouts. I would work on making the truck fit in with the background image a bit more. Nice idea. I like the contrast in ideas.

  2. slumberless said,

    I wish I knew you word so it would help translate the concept of the ad better.. but otherwise, I like everything except I think the logo needs to be a bit more emphasized / clear.

  3. moreloss said,

    they are too small to really be appreciated 😦

  4. petemedina said,

    I would loose the vertical bar on the right, because it makes your ad easy to skip if you’re just quickly flipping through a magazine without opening the page all the way. Also, are all the ads the same?

  5. Marisol Delgado said,

    Great image, but the cropping on the car needs a little more work to look realistic… overall love the black and white image blending it with the color of the car.

  6. bikutorisfv said,

    like the truck like the background but little unclear as far as concept

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