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This corona ad is bright, refreshing, and tempting. The sign that reads nude beach makes you think that by drinking this refreshing corona you will be in paradise and your dream will come true. The corona it self has been intentionally put as nude without the logo on its body. The whole concept is well planned and it definitely works with its beautiful paradise background. It is so refreshing I actually want to drink one lol.


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Stawberry ad

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aquaglide1When I glanced at this ad I was skeptical whether it was a strawberry or a heart. I was drawn to this image because I wanted to know more about what it was trying to sale.  Its trying to sale toothpaste that tastes like strawberry…how clever is that.  The black background makes the bright red strawberry stand out and thats what grabbed my attention. I would most likely try this product.

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This Mcdonalds ad is Simple, clean and effective. This “New fragrance for your mouth” cinnamon bun ad should get an award for how to convince customers that their food is tasty and/or healthy. It draws my eyes straight to the cinnamon bun and all my mind says is to go buy me one and enjoy the delicious taste without caring about the calories lol.

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Inspiration for Graphic Design

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 I started drawing as a young girl and I knew I had a passion for the arts, but I hadn’t fully understood the concept of what exactly is art. With my experience in AP studio art and my mentor who is a graphic designer, I submitted my art portfolios to art colleges for summer programs and received two scholarships. Attending Otis of Art and Design and California State of the Arts, enabled me to explore many different Medias. I realized that Graphic Design was one of the classes that inspired me to pursue a career in that field. That’s where my passion grew for Graphic Design.

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Hello world!

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Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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